Friday, November 5, 2010

Lee Dae Hee insulted Filipinos in their englisg accent.

Lee Dae Hee.

I used to like her before. Because i adore her physical appearance . She's beautiful. But when I watched her video insulting Filipinos English accent, it makes me forget how i liked her. Even she's just joking why in that way. Also the host. He's the one who suggested how about the Philippines. Well its kinda sad, cause many Koreans went to our country to study English language, hence she speaks in that way. :(

I already knew that she's good in speaking in English, because she spent for about five years in Sidney where the language is in English.

But she shouldn't put that way. Tsk.

Here's the link of the video. CLICK HERE! REFRESH it always.

Im pissed. :(

Here's her tweet from her twitter account. . Even she already apologize it's kinda upsetting because we Filipinos liked her before.. .