Saturday, June 30, 2012

Master your Emotions by being GOD-centered.

I attended church last week, and this is the topic that our Pastor was discussing. I being a Christian at young age, still suffers in controlling my emotions especially when I got involve in some love issues, it’s hard to decide what you’re going to do if you’re just going to follow what your hear says, or what your mind says.. It’s just hard for me to handle it very well, now I knew the reason behind these difficulties in my emotions it is because God is not the center of my emotions. So with this message, I learned how to control or master my emotions by being God-centered. With God, we can be stronger than before, we can learn how to put our faith in Him because He will be beside us whenever we need Him. I hope this message will also help you for better.

In this message there are the sub-topics that will help you understand it more.

• Emotion will lead to action - Meaning, waiting somehow leads to a good thing. Now, people were not willing to wait. They want to get something as soon as they think of it. And by hurrying something, you might just get something that is just a replacement to what you want because this not really meant for you. You’ll just get unsatisfied.
• Emotional Intelligence – Recognize one’s moods, feelings, and impulses and to process them into right thinking and action. Give space, let them think, let them stand with a decision. But you should take place, when they’re choosing the wrong path. Because deciding something whenever you’re in bad mood won’t help at all.