Sunday, April 6, 2014

140403 : Our First SwEEming.

We don't usually have events like Christmas parties, exchange gifts, outings. But now, they really tried hard to push this event so that most of us will enjoy. Also we had our first Christmas party last December 2013, so it is very unusual to us. First swimming in four years in college.!!

I'll be posting my favorite photos during this outing. The resort is Malamig Park Resort in Bustos, Bulacan/ :D

Left to Right : John, Maan, Janine, Owen, Valery, Aaron, Pedro, Ruth, JP, Nikko

Left to Right : Kenneth, Norbert, De Vega (behind with shirt), Dayao, Michael, Leo, Pinpin, Cyril, Owen, Dex, Nikki

Left to Right : Er, Michael, Norbert, Sherwin, Mike, Cyril, Pinpin, Janine, Ivy (me in yellow :D)

SUPER SAYA ng experience na ito EE4B. Sana maulit pa to. :D