Friday, May 9, 2014

2NE1 : All Or Nothing Tour in Manila [AONINMANILA]

Filipino Blackjacks, were so lucky to witness this amazing concert in their amazing day. !!! im so excited!! :D

Who wouldnt get excited if your going to see these amazing girls perform live in their solo concert (CL, Dara, Minzy and Bom) ?!???? 
Oh my, finally 8 more day before AON in Manila and the celebration of 2NE1's 5th anniversary. Wow!!!
Get your tickets now, i hope theres still available.. 

Some photos from their AON tours in other countries.

OJT : Done with our 4th week. 2 more . .

Week full of laughters. We managed to finished this week with our duties finished. We already estimated atleast 5 plans as we enter the company, thanks to our Engineers who always help us whenever we were confused in some things. Also thanks to their "libres" hehehehe.

Wacky photos from Mcdonald's. .  
Team HIJ : H for Honeylyn Caballes, I for Ivy Glydel Delos Santos and J for Janine Talisay.. kekekeke.

With Honeylyn Caballes.  

Friday... Hmmm. We dont have OT today because were already finished in our latest plan that needs to get the measurements, so were able to went home earlier than the usual. But, luckily one of the engineers there treat us in some fast food restaurant. Happy Tummy!!! Team HIJ and our Sir had some small talks about their own lives and some inspiring stories. d(^__^)b

Still, going home during FRIDAY is very hard. We were truly exhausted and dead tired from all the public transportation. But in order for us to go home on time, we need to sacrifice and bear with this feeling.

Anyways, we were able to snap a photo (photo below) with Marqus Blakely of San Mig Coffee Mixers at SM Megamall. Lucky us, he did not hesitate to pose with us. Thank you Marqus.! Goodluck to your games!! :D