Sunday, August 31, 2014

I am in love with this manga : AO HARU RIDE

I love this manga. Now the anime. Next will surely the live-action..... At first, i am hesitant to read the manga and stopped reading (on-hold-mangas-that-will-be-read-soon) it when I reach between Chapter 15-20 (cant remember it well), and last month i got a lot of free time and i checked my bookmarks on mangahere where i have an account there and checked the latest updates of the mangas ive been reading. And I found out that Ao Haru Ride is like 20+ chapters updated from my current chapter. So there, I decided to read it, and luckily the story is still fresh in my mind. Hehehehe. And now, im waiting to the latest chapters sooooooon. ^______^ 

English Lyrics of my favorite song from Ao Haru Ride's anime adaptation..


I ran in a daze until I reached the bottom of this descent,
But the train was already leaving, as if marking a divide between this love.

Memories of far off days and the sparkling of the sea;
That season comes around again and I’m squinting up at the vapor trails.

That gently swaying sunflower still can’t say its goodbyes,
Still feeling a twinge of pain in the space of just one millimeter.

If those summer fireworks that disappeared can be reflected where these tears fall,
I will surely remember,
And let you know,
That I’m right here waiting.

I told you I didn’t need an answer, making a liar of myself,
So I go to collapse into a ball upon the beach,
Even though I’m just giving in to defeated thoughts of what tomorrow will hold.

What can be seen beyond the horizon is slowly sinking;
If I could just cry right now, I’d become a little more honest with myself…

When our fingers touched, this loneliness suddenly came unraveled,
So I will gently close my eyes,
And let you know,
That I’m right here waiting.

That gently swaying sunflower: how I was on that very day.
I don’t want to accept that my bangs have grown this long…
‘Cause nothing has changed at all!

I turn back at the sound of the wind, but you’re still nowhere to be found,
So I will make a quiet wish,
And let you know,
That I’m right here waiting.