Thursday, September 10, 2015

Its been a long time....

Been really busy for these past 5 months. But now I am back and there's a lot for me to tell you guys.. 

I got lots of photos to share, but i wont be doing that now in this post. Kekekeke Maybe next time.. Hmmm i dont know if there are really people who are really reading my blog posts here in blogspot but still i keep on writing and sharing the stories of what happened for an outing, event or in a simple day.. Hihihihi 

Almost 5 months of living in a dorm with three college girl classmates. And its a bomb, woah.. Its hard to live with others especially to a person like me whos been with my family in my whole life.. Cooking for ourselves, going to the market, cleaning the place and nonstop chores plus studying. Well its really hard.. I guess i really cant live without my mommy.. I still want to be her baby in our house and just be in our house like a boss..kekekeke 
Shoutout: For my beautiful Mommahhh Loida.

As it was hard, we decided to went home every weekends which is not the original plan.. Bwahahaha coz were simply HOMESICK!!! 

There are conflicts obviously but still we can find the way to fixed those conflicts.. Thank God! But there are lots of good memories to be treasure and to reminisce once in a while. The jokes, the laughters that we all shared in that place will always  held a place in my memory and in my heart.. We really rock the world of each other, there are stories that is never been heard or shared during our college days thats been revealed during our stay together which makes us extra closer than before.. Hihihi thats a good thing living with others i think.. 

Now as i am back home, i am hoping that i will be ready for the new chapter of my life..

As of now, i dont know the results of that almost "5 months being away from home" thing... But still it wont let me stop from conquering the world so that i will be able to achieve my goals. Not only my dream but also my family's.. 

Hihihihi.. God bless everyone. Hope you'll have a good day and keep on believing to yourself and especially to God who is up above and guiding us..


Ivy Glydel.