Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MSERV Pep Rally and Pre-Valentine Party 2017.

It is our first time to attend a Pep Rally event and Valentine event in our company, that's why everything was new to our group. We even had to prepare a short cheer that is going to be presented in front of the crowd. The QS/Estimators belong to the PAG - Partners Account Group. Also, our group color is orange.

From Left to Right : Ate Anna (blue), ME - Ivy, Janine, Jona, Ate Norie (V-sign)
Front L-R: Mam Tere, Ate Mau 
Because we have deadline for that week, everyone were not able to practice beforehand even if the event was in the memo one week advanced. On the 10th of February, which is also the day of the party, five in our group were included to the cheering skit - including myself and my friend Janine. Unfortunately, Ate Norie and Ate Mau are not present to the practice because they're the most busy persons for the event as part of the Committee. Until now, I still imagine how they did that at the same time. Thumbs up, for the Committee-in-charge!!! 👍

Wow! It's like 2PM and the party will start at 4PM, plus I have a BOM that should be transmitted. By God's grace, I was able to finish the submission. Yay!!! And the practice began and it's like a 15-minute practice for the boys and a short meeting session for the girls. And everyone, keeps on saying "Bahala na, Ad-lib na lang!" Somehow, I feel okay, but still nervous at the same time. Hahahaha

Ofcourse, before the start of our cheering presentation we had to drop by at Photobooth. And this is my first time to experience this kind of photobooth 📸 - like, you are able to choose from 4 layouts and the Kuya-in-charge for the photobooth is so slang pa. He's also the one who makes sure that everyone is on frame. Good job, Kuya!!! Hahahaha. I really like the layouts, we wanted to pose more but the queue is like movie blockbuster. 😆 Also, what I like in photobooths nowadays, they also upload the raw files and not only the photos with the layout which they give on the exact day. Thats a BIG YES! I experienced a lot of photobooths before where I really like my angle and posing, but wasn't able to upload because it will be on low resolution/blurred if i cropped it from the layout of the design. Tsk. 😕But now, that problem has been solved! Yay!!! 😇

Check the photos below:

The Layouts - that we got on the same day

The raw file of our pictures... Hihihi 

With Janine Talisay (right)

Coz I really liked that animal print hat & Janine with her Lion hat.

Too bad, I don't get to shot a lot of photos for the whole program. But with our Bosses short presentation, we learned a lot of things and understood the process even more. That's why, in this year 2017 - everyone should give their A+ game.

Also, I really adore the venue's set-up, it is so classy and elegant at the same time. There are even booths like :

     ➽ Balloon Darts - the booth that is my favorite ( I won, passport holders ad ballpen)
     ➽ Jail Booth - the flour punishment that turns the whole venue white. Hihihi
     ➽ Marriage Booth - the set-up is really cute, they even have certificate of marriage.
     ➽ Kissing Booth - with hired models for both ladies and gentlemen.

It is really a great experience, and for our Cheering presentation. We won first place. Hihihihi..

For sure now, I will always look forward for events like this.

Bye for now..


Ivy Glydel.