Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Im so excited for my first official lightstick.. Yay!!!

Yes, I've been a KPOP fan since 2009. But I never got a chance to purchase an official Lightstick. Why? I am afraid to pre-order online. Hahahaha. And because I am only a student that time I don't have savings for my wants. I really cant fund my fangirling life. Hihihihi.

Anyways, because MOTTE is going to happen here in Philippines, ofcourse I need to purchase a VIP Lightstick. And I still remember that, if I wanted to own one, I would buy Bigbang's coz I just love the design and whenever I watched fancams from their concert the yellow crown really brighten the concert hall.

So yes, I am indeed very excited to receive the items i pre-ordered. I even ordered a 2NE1 Lightstick. Yay!!!! I know that they already disbanded but still they're my ultimate girl group. HAHAHAHAHA..

Plus the Wanna One 1st Look cover. Hihihih.

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