Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MSERV Pep Rally and Pre-Valentine Party 2017.

It is our first time to attend a Pep Rally event and Valentine event in our company, that's why everything was new to our group. We even had to prepare a short cheer that is going to be presented in front of the crowd. The QS/Estimators belong to the PAG - Partners Account Group. Also, our group color is orange.

From Left to Right : Ate Anna (blue), ME - Ivy, Janine, Jona, Ate Norie (V-sign)
Front L-R: Mam Tere, Ate Mau 
Because we have deadline for that week, everyone were not able to practice beforehand even if the event was in the memo one week advanced. On the 10th of February, which is also the day of the party, five in our group were included to the cheering skit - including myself and my friend Janine. Unfortunately, Ate Norie and Ate Mau are not present to the practice because they're the most busy persons for the event as part of the Committee. Until now, I still imagine how they did that at the same time. Thumbs up, for the Committee-in-charge!!! 👍

14°C - the temperature when we visited Baguio.

Spent the weekend with my family at Baguio last January 27, 2017. As always, when you visited Baguio around this month, you'll surely experience the cold breeze that my family looks for once in a while. And wow, just like the title of this blog posts says, it's 14°C - and for me, being raised in Bulacan, that low temperature is very rare. Hihihihi đŸ˜Š

Emotera lang ang peg - This was taken at Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad

Unfortunately, we forgot to take a lot of photos in our hotel - Hotel Elizabeth. After our tour on our first day, we were hella' tired and enjoyed our rest time in our room. That's why we were not really able to tour the whole place.

The view of the Hotel Elizabeth from the Gazebo

There cool Gazebos that you can have a rest - but not in mornings guys coz its freezing. Hihihihi

These are the places we visited in our short stay in Baguio:
      🔻 Botanical Garden 💮
      🔻 Good Taste 😋
      🔻 Dinosaur Island, Holy Land 👍
      🔻 Ben Cab Museum 🎨
      🔻 Strawberry Farm 🍓
      🔻 Bell Church ⛪
      🔻 Walk through Session Road - around SM Baguio to Burnham Park 😄😄
      🔻 Wright Park - it is super near our hotel
      🔻 The Mansion 🏠

We were not able to visit Camp John Hay, I've been eyeing to visit that place for so long. Also, we really didn't include the other places because we've been there for many times and for sure it will make my mom so tired and I don't want her to be exhausted after seeing her in the Dinosaur Island and Holy Land.

Also, we highly recommended the Hotel Elizabeth. We got our deal at much cheaper price at At first, my sister and I are very hesitant to try booking through that website because we don't have credit card and were not really used to book an accommodation online because we always choose to book on the same day of arrival, luckily they allow the usage of debit card. Yay!!!