Thursday, October 26, 2017

Why am i so emotional with BTOB's 'Missing You' song?!

BTOB released a new music video last October 16, 2017 on their official Youtube Channel

I am aware to the group BTOB. But because I was so focused on supporting my favorites I wasn't able to know them more before. I only know few of them but what I am most sure of is that the members are talented ~ especially vocal 'wise'. . .

And their latest song Missing You just hit me! I am seeing a lot of tweets that is recommending to listen the song. . I ignored it and now I am regretting that decision. 

It's is on October 20th, the day before my birthday, I am watching Music Bank in a cable channel because I am waiting for JBJ, GOT7, Highlight's performances. But there are two songs that got my attention unexpectedly. And when I looked at them, I said, "Oh! It's BTOB, right?" And I'm looking for the faces of the members I am somehow familiar with.. Anyways, they performed two songs that broadcast day which are Blowin' Up and Missing You. Blowin' Up is so cute because they are wearing colorful jerseys and they are acting cute/funny. And they perform the next song that made me stopped tweeting that time because I just felt different. Hearing the rap, the chorus ~ actually the entire made me feel something. Hmm..

I am thinking that the song and the way the group performed it just made a big impact to me. I will be sharing below the music video and the lyrics in Romanization and English Translation. Please guys, you better check this wonderful song. . It is so good. 


Official Music Video below πŸ‘‡

Live Performance below πŸ‘‡

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